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After Purchase Instructions/Care

-Heating and cooling system must immediately be connected and turned on at time of delivery.  Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builders LLC will not be responsible for any damage to home resulting from excessive heat or cold temperatures.  Electric service must be ready for hookup at time of delivery.  If heating and cooling is not connected at time of delivery, Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builders LLC will provide a waiver for the client to sign relinquishing all responsibility from Mini Mansions Tiny Homes Builders LLC to the client.  The home is made of wood.  Excessive heat or cold can cause the wood to contract and expand.

-It is up to you to determine if your vehicle is capable to pull approximately 11,000 lbs.

-It is up to you to provide insurance after you take possession, including towing and home owners.  We will not be responsible for tiny home insurance after you take possession. 

-Do not pull home over 55 miles per hour.

-Mini Mansions Tiny Homes sit 11”-12” from the ground.  Use extreme care when pulling the home on uneven payment.

-Once Tiny Home arrives at destination, owner is responsible for:

-Leveling, blocking, and anchoring home, and all utility hookup, unless specified in project proposal.  If these items above are not performed by a professional company, such as a mobile home service professional, your warranty will be void.

-All PVC drain pipes under home, need to be connected together to drainage service/sewer or RV hookup.

-We recommend the home to have insulated skirting around permitter of home.

-Heat tape should be installed on main waterline intake on exterior of tiny home.

        -In cold climates, a small enclosed oil heater must be plugged into shed where on demand water heater is located. 

-Do not exceed 3/4” nails to hang pictures on interior walls to ensure not to hit any electrical wiring inside of walls.

-The vinyl flooring is a “floating” floor.  Do not move heavy furniture across floor without using 

furniture floor pads.  It will cause wrinkles in floor.  Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builders LLC is not responsible for damage to floor for incorrect care of “floating” floors.

-Drains beneath sinks may need to be tighten periodically due to expansion and contraction.

-Only use LED light bulbs inside of home.

-Smoke alarm/carbon monoxide battery need to be checked once per month.

(Mobile Home Service professionals can do all of the above easily)

Yearly Maintenance:

-Check all caulk yearly on interior/exterior of home.  This is not included in warranty.