Our homes are built to be hauled on the roads without a special permit! This allows the home owner the freedom to easily get the home to it's destination with the added expenses and hassles of special hauling permits whether they haul it themselves or hire a transport company.  To accomplish this, tiny houses cannot be more than 13’ 6” tall, 8’ 6” wide and 40’ long  before permits are required. Legal weight limits are less stringent, although anything over 16,000 pounds (including the trailer weight) becomes less practical as a more powerful tow truck will be needed.

Pick - up is an option of course and we would love to see you!   However, not everyone has the required vehicle or skill to accomplish this.  

That's ok!  

Shipping is the method most widely used by our clients.  To be eligible for shipping, your tiny home must be delivered to a solid, level, flat land. Preferably on gravel or concrete.  You can choose your own source for delivery, of course.  We can assist you in getting quotes from delivery companies, just ask us.   Additionally, since delivery service does not include hook-up we recommend finding a source (mobile home hook up service) in your area to get proper hook-up and leveling.  Other clients have reported hook-up and leveling cost can vary from $600-$1800.

Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builders is not affiliated with any delivery service company and we are not receiving any compensation for any delivery services/charges. All fees charged are quoted from and paid to the service company by the purchaser of the tiny home.